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Corporate Awards

AV Trophies are here to help you with awards for all occasions – corporate, sports, academic and more. Our selection includes timber, crystal, glass, acrylic glass or art glass awards to choose from.

Glass and crystal are more robust and scratch resistant when compared with acrylic. On the other hand acrylic is lighter and won’t shatter as easily when dropped as the first two options

Glass Options

Glass is the most common and most affordable material used in award making and exists in two common types: jade glass and white/clear glass. 

Green / Jade Glass

Also known as green glass and as the name suggests it has a slight green tinge around its edges. It is cheaper than White Glass.

White Glass

Also referred to as starfire, extra-clear or clear glass, white glass has a slight blue tinge to it’ edges. 

It is almost transparent but gives a white reflection from a close distance. Artwork that is engraved on white glass radiates with a lovely white shimmering touch that brings the artwork to life. It is ideal for detailed artwork and complex patterns. Its unique radiant characteristic makes it about twice as expensive as green glass. 


Light diffraction through crystal is one of the main visible characteristics that distinguish it from glass and acrylic. Light beautifully sparkles and shimmers as it travels through the crystal, making a crystal award very special.

Crystal awards of the highest quality and clarity are usually engraved from the back resulting in a frosted white/etched finish.


Acrylic is fantastic because when laser engraved the text comes out in a noticeably brighter white than other clear awards such as glass and crystal.

While more impact resistant than glass, acrylic is a much softer material and therefore more vulnerable to surface scratches and edge chips from everyday wear and tear.

Green Glass Awards

White Glass Awards

Crystal Awards

Acrylic Awards

Acrylic Awards

Acrylic Awards

Our Suppliers

The links below will take you to the suppliers catalogue page.

Each supplier has catalogues for AFL, Rugby, Football, Netball, Dance, Summer and Winter sports as well as Corporate awards.
Some have a separate cup catalogues as well.

Once you find what you are looking for please get in touch and let us know the product code number so we can process your request.

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Tell us what you need

and we will get back to you with some solutions

Tell us what you need

and we will get back to you with some solutions

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